My Core Values

Opportunity | Responsibility | Community


I want everyone to have the opportunity to be successful in their lives and to have access to the things they need to make this happen: Quality, affordable education, a diverse economy with less tax burden on families and small businesses, and thoughtful, sensible leaders that fight to protect both our individual freedoms as citizens and the common interests of our community.

Opportunity is one of my core values. I grew up in a family business and was told by my father: “women don’t belong in construction- the business is for the boys”. I was not willing to let that stop me. Through hard work, luck, and determination, I have built a multi-million dollar business of my own in the construction industry here in Arizona. Everyone told me it couldn’t be done, but I’ve been successful for the last twenty years.

America’s promise is that anyone can work hard and achieve their dream and I want to help make sure that happens. “The business” needs to be possible for everyone who’s willing to work for it; the boys and the girls! My company is certified as an SBE (small business enterprise) with the City of Phoenix. This was a program that gave me the opportunity I would not have had to compete on a level playing field. Because the City of Phoenix requires contractors on certain projects to solicit bids from SBE certified companies, I was allowed to be at the table on projects I never would have been asked to bid on. Without these programs the same narrow group of powerful companies would continue to be entitled to get all the work. I still had to be the low bidder, but I got the opportunity to participate in the process. I secured several large projects by being given a chance, and I still have many customers that originally only used my services because they were required to let me offer a bid. I was given an opportunity, and then it was my responsibility to work hard and do a great job in order to succeed.


I grew up in Boston and have lived in Scottsdale for more than twenty years. Arizona is home to me. I’m a local business owner, a marathon runner, and a mother of three children in the public school district. I’m a Scottsdale home-owner and a taxpayer. I have a lot of skin in the game here in Scottsdale and I am passionate about having a public voice.

We have a responsibility as members of the community to step forward and lend our voices and experiences to make our neighborhoods and our city better for everyone who calls Scottsdale home. Scottsdale is an amazing city, but it can’t run itself. I can’t sit back and watch our city veer off in the wrong direction. We need leaders with courage and vision to keep us on course.

We are all responsible for ourselves as citizens and residents. Every one has the right to pursue their own life, liberty, and happiness as they see fit. Not everyone will make the same choices and decisions, but that’s the price we pay to live in a free society. We must allow everyone to have an equal opportunity, and allow everyone to take responsibility for their actions. We also must consider the common good if we’re all going to live, work and thrive together in our city.


I am committed to working towards a continually improving city that represents our shared, civic values of Opportunity, Responsibility and Community. I believe working together we can put aside our divisive feelings and reignite our sense of community.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard, and to have a seat at the Community table. People working together are smarter and accomplish more with varied perspectives and life experiences. Better decisions are made when we tap into the talents and energies of all our citizens.

We have much more in common than we often realize. We all want to live in and raise our children in a safe community. We want high amenities, high property values, and low property taxes. We want thoughtful development and consideration and respect for our open spaces and green areas and our desert preserve. We want an exciting downtown and a robust economy and housing that meets the needs of our diverse population.

For the last 20 years I’ve lit up our communities by providing light fixtures for our schools and hospitals, our roadways and airports, our ballparks and office buildings, and now I want to help light up our City by representing our shared passions and values. I believe working together we can make this happen. I want to work with everyone in our community, and I’m hoping you’re all with me.

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