I am committed to working on a better government that represents our shared, American values of Opportunity, Responsibility and Community. I believe working together we can put aside our partisan feelings and reignite our sense of community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard, and to have a seat at the Community table. People working together are smarter and accomplish more with varied perspectives and life experiences. A true democracy taps into the talents and energies of all Americans.

We all want to live in and raise our children in a safe community. Stirring up irrational fear and hatred of people who are different from us is not the way to accomplish this. Arizona can ensure the safety of our citizens and protect our way of life without going to “war” with people who have fled oppressive homelands for their lives. That way of thinking does not represent the American values this nation was founded on; fairness, compassion, concern for the community and the less fortunate, and for the world we leave our children.

For the last 15 years I’ve lit up our Communities by providing light fixtures for our schools and hospitals, our roadways and airports, our ballparks and office buildings, and now I want to help light up our State by representing our shared passions and values. I believe working together we can make this happen. I want to work with everyone in our community, and I’m hoping you’re all with me.