I think about Scottsdale, District 23, and our lives in Arizona a lot. I finally decided that I need to step off the sidelines and get more involved, so I spent 2016 running for office (State House). I spent the year speaking with current and past elected officials, friends, neighbors, constituents, and business associates in both political parties. I often heard, “you can’t talk about progressive issues in your neighborhood- they’re too controversial.” I don’t agree with that. If we don’t move forward (progress!), we are stagnating and falling behind. We should not allow extremists in our district to take over our values and our words and distort them to suit their own needs. We all know this, but we don’t think we can do anything about it. The advice I got was; stay quiet, you can’t win in LD23. Well, we can’t win if we run and hide. Progressive, inclusive values are the values of the majority of this country. They are the values this country was founded on. I feel compelled to speak them out loud and with pride, and to connect them to the values and emotions of all the members of this Community – whatever one’s political party. The issues of our community have nothing to do with partisanship. We all want to live in a safe, happy, thriving neighborhood that we are proud to call home and raise our children in.

My values are: