I grew up in Boston and have lived in Scottsdale for twenty years. Arizona is home to me. I’m a local business owner, a marathon runner, and a mother of three children in the public school district. I’m a Scottsdale home-owner and a tax payer. I have a lot of skin in the game here in Arizona and I am passionate about having a public voice.

We have a responsibility as members of the community to step forward and lend our voices and experiences to make our neighborhoods and our State better for everyone who calls Arizona home. I can no longer sit back and watch as our leaders pass laws that destroy our public schools, discriminate against our citizens, and allow the government to get involved in our personal, private decisions.

We are all responsible for ourselves as citizens. Every citizen has the right to pursue their own life, liberty, and happiness free of government interference. Not everyone will make the same choices and decisions, but that is the price we are willing to pay to live in a free society. People will sometimes make mistakes, or do things differently than we would, but everyone must be free to take responsibility for their own life choices. We must provide everyone an opportunity, and allow everyone to take responsibility for their actions.