I want everyone to have the opportunity to be successful in their lives and to have access to the things they need to make this happen: Quality, affordable education, a diverse economy with less tax burden on families and small businesses, and sane, grounded leaders that fight to protect our individual freedoms and the rights of all Arizona citizens.

Opportunity is one of my core values, and I feel strongly about it. I grew up in a family business and was told by my own father: “women don’t belong in construction- the business is for the boys”.  I was not willing to let that stop me. Through hard work, luck, and determination, I have built a multi-million dollar business of my own in the construction industry here in Arizona.  Everyone told me it couldn’t be done, but I’ve been successful for the last fifteen years. America’s promise is that anyone can work hard and achieve their dream and I want to help make sure that happens. The business needs to be possible for everyone who’s willing to work for it; the boys and the girls. Everyone deserves the Opportunity to succeed.

My company is certified as an SBE (small business enterprise) with the City of Phoenix. This was a program that gave me the opportunity I would not have had to compete on a level playing field. Because the City of Phoenix requires contractors on certain projects to solicit bids from SBE certified companies, I was allowed to be at the table on projects I never would have been asked to bid on. Without these programs the same narrow group of powerful companies would continue to be entitled to get all the work. I still had to be the low bidder, but I got the opportunity to participate in the process. I secured several large projects by being given a chance, and I still have many customers that originally only used my services because they were required to let me offer a bid. I was given an Opportunity, and then it was my Responsibility to work hard and do a great job in order to succeed.