David Schweikert, Republican Congressman for CD6, recently sent a mailer to his constituents that was so inflammatory and distorted I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. He seems obsessed by some mythical violent, angry mob of lefties attacking in droves. Here’s an excerpt from his mailer:

“Be on the lookout

  • Groups called “Resistance,” “Stronger Together,” “Indivisible,” “We Are the People,” and “We feel the Bern” are far left front groups determined to inflict the kind of violence that we have seen before.
  • These groups believe that even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are too moderate. They drive a radical social agenda and will stop at no turn to “clash with police,” “incite violence,” “light cars on fire,” “incite mass arrests,” “and use women, children, and families to mass confusion.”

Like you, I am troubled to see this kind of behavior.”

He has seen this kind of behavior? “Far-left front groups determined to inflict violence”? I have been to many of these groups’ meetings and demonstrations. If demanding equal rights, asking to speak with our elected officials to hear our voices and to hold them accountable, and showing up at their offices holding signs is “the kind of violence that we have seen before”, I’m not sure Schweikert understands the definition of violence.


These types of statements are blatant, outright, dangerous lies designed to rile the Right wing Republican base, and is exactly what is wrong with politics today, particularly in Arizona. What is the point of being so combative and unprofessional? He can’t send a fundraising letter asking for money by legitimate means, describing his policies and how he plans to help Arizona families? He can only get people to send him money by playing on their fears of some bizarre mass army of progressives violently demanding a restoration of policies that protect people?


His flyer says: Union bosses have handpicked a challenger to take me on this cycle.”

This is too funny. I spoke with Garrick McFadden (the mild-mannered Democratic candidate brave enough to step up and run against Schweikert) yesterday at a restaurant in Scottsdale. He asked me who this “handpicked challenger” was that Schweikert was talking about. And what “union bosses” means? I had no idea.

What is a “union boss” and what part do they play in the Democratic Party? Help? There is no “handpicking” in the Arizona Democratic Party for candidates; we are grateful for anyone willing to risk running here.  “They are going door to door and working with party bosses to coordinate message.” That isn’t even a grammatically correct sentence. I’m a precinct committeeperson for the Democratic Party. I’m sorry, is he talking about canvassing and introducing oneself to neighbors? What is a “party boss”? I’ve certainly never seen one in my Democratic groups? Anyone?

After the recent shooting at a baseball practice outside the US Capital, Schweikert is quoted saying “No meaningful change will come until hatred is seen as out of bounds within the activist community”. By “activist community”, I imagine he means those on the left, advocating for human rights. Ironic, because the only hatred I see coming from anywhere is Schweikert’s campaign.

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